The large flat catchment area created when you lay a carrycover on the ground means ....

carrycover can throw from a distance to load, which is great when working on banks, in the middle of a garden bed or up a tree.
.... you can load and unload prickly plants without having to touch them, great for pruning roses, clearing gorse etc.
.... you can reduce the clean up time after hedge trimming or pruning. By simply postioning the carrycover to collect the trimmings as you cut them.
.... then you can drag a carrycover to a new postion to continue loading it.
....  you can easily walk on a loaded carrycover to compact the load, allowing even more to be added to save trips to your dump site.
The poles on the carrycover keep the fabric rigid, allowing one person to easily carry a load alone.
Or they can take their time loading a carrycover and then enlist the help of someone else to help carry it. Saving endless trips back and forth to a dump site with smaller loads.
With two people working together carrying a loaded carrycover is a breeze.
The amount being carried is only limited by the strength of the carriers.
Then unloading is simplicity itself, one flick and the job is done!

Carrycovers are the perfect size to fit a single trailer 

A carrycover makes it very easy to load and then unload a trailer. With a carrycover left underneath a load... it means with just one flick a trailer can be emptied.
A carrycover makes covering a trailer easy.
The weighted handles mean even on your own in the wind, it won't blow around making things difficult.
Once covered using the handle holes  to thread the rope through means the load is held tight and secure, the rigid pole handles down each side prevent the carrycover flapping loose in the wind.