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Our Carrycover business is NZ owned and the carrycovers are designed and made here in NZ, so you can be assured that we will provide the sort of service a family business in New Zealand is expected to . Honest reliable and 100% behind the product we sell. Plus we will do our utmost to make sure every customer is happy with their purchase.

If you need help tell us, but if you are happy please tell everyone else ! 

Every carrycover comes with a two year manufacturers warranty.


Feedback we have received from other gardeners;


I used the carrycover over the weekend and thought it was fantastic . Compared to wheelbarrows and rubber buckets the carrycover was the ultimate ! I was clearing up all the fallen leaves and my best guess would have been 20 barrows/buckets full in one load of the carrycover - which I could pick up and tip into my compost area on my own.



‘I have two carrycovers, which I have been using for a number of years now and think they are great.  They are hardwearing, don’t blow away in the wind, hold a lot of garden waste and yet are lightweight to carry.  I thoroughly recommend this product.




We found the carrycover excellent for moving garden leaves, cuttings weeds etc The carryover holds a lot more material than say a wheelbarrow or a carry bag.
We found it very good for dragging when holding the carrycover by one handle .

(very little effort required.)



We are Kawau Island retirees and confirmed garden addicts. Together we managed a two hectare property which we liked to keep in tidy order. With wind blown litter, trees and shrubs to trim and an abundance of raked material we found the carryover the ideal means of transporting all garden materials to our composting areas. We have used our carrycovers consistently over a ten year period and they show little signs of wear. We would confidently recommend these wonderful garden aids to any serious gardeners.

G & S Freeman



I have been using one of your Carry Covers for over two years and found it fantastic. As I am a Hedge, pruning and gardening Self Employed Handyman it has proved most handy when using it in windy conditions as it dosen`t blow away. Also they are great for carrying as they come with built in Handles and can be carried by one or two people. The Carrycovers are so good I have purchased a second one. Regards Dave