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My husband and I are semi retired landscape gardeners, we have had our landscaping business for 15 years . It was through our gardening work that our first carrycover evolved , frustrated with the limitations of other carrying containers we came up with the carrycover design.

We live on a lifestyle block in Dairy Flat, Albany, Auckland ... you may know the one - it's called a "lifestyle block" because it very rapidly takes over any lifestyle you may have had !!

Our first carrycover soon proved itself a complete asset on every job , it saved endless trips with small loads and we could pile on huge amounts of plant material without having to cut it smaller to fit. When clearing gorse we didn't have to handle those horrible prickly branches, working as a team we could lift the whole pile on and off the trailer... then simply flick the load off at our dump site . 

We soon needed two carrycovers (one each), the second carrycover proved a great cover for our trailer. One underneath ready for easy unloading and one on top to keep everything in place. When used as a cover the hand holes are perfect to tie through as anchor points and the rigid poles stop the cover moving in the wind.  

How you use a carryover is only limited by your imagination ... my husband proved this when in desperation to complete a drainage job before a storm hit, he used our 10 year old carrycover in a revolutionary way. The boggy wet paddock where he had created the drain was now so wet it was inaccessible by truck, farm bike and trailer or even the humble wheelbarrow. Instead between two of them, they carried the scoria across the paddock on our carrycover. It saved the day as they could carry eight large shovels full at a time and were able to just tip the scoria into the drain as they walked along... so simple !

With support from friends and other businesses we are finally able to offer this great product to others.

We are convinced you will find a carrycover an invaluable garden tool and stand behind its design 100%. We give a two year manufacturers warranty and a promise to do our utmost to ensure every customer is happy . Please let us know if you are not happy and let others know if you are. We would love to hear of any novel ideas for a carrycover use or stories you may like to share .


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 Dave and Sue Bancroft

Dairy Flat Albany


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